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The cold process for soap making is very interesting

At Best Kept Secrets we work hard to provide the highest quality handmade soaps. Every bar is made in our own soaperie in Northumberland, allowing us to control every aspect, including the wonderful scent. We take our time with the products to ensure they are the very best. The local natural ingredients are also carefully selected to make sure they are vegetarian friendly and suitable for most vegans too.

The cold process for making soap is really interesting and we thought we would share some information about it here.

For starters the method uses a chemical reaction called saponification. This occurs when natural fixed oils such as coconut or palm oil are mixed with an alkali. Simply leave the mixture to cure, in our case for thirty days, and you have a bar of soap ready to slice.

During the process we add a variety of other ingredients to the soap to give it its scent, colour and texture. Moisturising and enriching oils and butters can be added too, making the soap really good for the skin.

The great thing about the cold process for soap making is the bars tend to be long lasting and hold their shape well. This is especially true if the mixture of ingredients is correct and enough time has been left for curing.

Our range of handmade soaps is extensive and showcases how much effort we have put into exploring different scents. We have come up with some really pleasing combinations that bathers will love. Whether you want a soap that is invigorating, relaxing, or good for moisturising, we have the product for you. Every bar is “Seriously Scented” so you can expect the scent to remain consistent.

To find out more about our extensive range take a look at the soaps section in our shop. If you have any questions about how we make our handmade soap or the local natural ingredients we use, please feel free to get in touch. We are pleased to offer information and have a real passion for our products.

Scented candles are excellent gifts

Scented candles have remained such popular gifts because they are both well given and well received. People have to be involved when they purchase one, taking the time to read about the ingredients and the scent. This gets them thinking about what their loved ones will like. The receiver is drawn in by the fragrance too, as well as what the candle looks like.

One of the main reasons people love candles is they encourage relaxation. Whether placed in the kitchen, dining room, lounge, or bathroom, the fragrance can be calming and soothing. The candlelight can help people to relax too, removing the need for bright overhead lights that task the eyes.

A second reason for the popularity is they have an inherent romantic feel, especially when the lights are dimmed and eating or relaxing together. Candlelight widens the pupils and can really make the eyes stand out. The reflection of the flame in the eye can also be captivating.

A third, and possibly the most important reason for choosing scented candles as gifts, is the aromatherapy benefits. Specific scents help to create different environments and stimulate the senses. Blends of fragrances can illicit different responses, whether it is healing and stress reduction, focus and wakefulness, or refreshment.

At Best Kept Secrets we offer a wide range of beautiful handmade candles. Each of them is made from the highest quality ingredients and finished by our highly trained team. As a result we can say with full confidence that they make incredible gifts.

Our range of scented candles is extensive, including different scents, sizes, and shapes. We urge you to explore our shop and see what grabs your attention. Whether you want large special candles with three to seven wicks, a candle that sparkles, or shimmering glass, we have the perfect product for you.

If you are looking for something in particular please contact us and we will help you to find it.

How does a diffuser work?

Rattan Reed Diffusers can disperse a fragrance throughout a whole room for a long period of time. They work by placing the reeds in a bottle of fragrant oil. Over time each reed will absorb the oil and naturally release the scent into the air.

All you need to do with a diffuser is periodically flip the reeds over so that the dry end is the one touching the oil. Flipping will provide more fragrance but will also speed up how quickly all of the oil evaporates; don’t do it too often or you’ll run out faster than you should.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the fewer reeds you have in your diffuser the less scent there will be. If you have a lot of reeds the fragrance will be stronger but you’ll again go through the oil faster.

Diffusers are a good alternative to candles because they release the scent around the clock and don’t need lighting, blowing out, or monitoring. This makes them good for settings with high foot traffic such as entrances and hallways. The naturally higher air circulation in these areas will help to disperse the fragrance too.

Over time you will notice the strength of the scent from your diffuser will diminish. This occurs either due to the level of oil dropping or because the reeds are dusty and clogged. Luckily you can purchase replacement reeds and new oil. Remember to clean out the vessel of your diffuser before adding new oil rather than simply topping up.

At Best Kept Secrets we offer a fantastic selection of Rattan Reed Diffusers. With 12 different scents and up to six months of use from a single 100ml bottle, they make a fantastic gift. The colourful reeds make them stand out, wherever they are placed.

You can find out more about each of them on our website or get in touch with us. We are happy to help clients select the perfect gifts.