Centrepiece: 7 Wick Candles




Add style to any setting with these seriously scented 7 wick candles.  Each comes individually hand finished.  40 hours burn time.  Toppings vary according to availability.  Available in 12 fragrances:

  • ANGEL – Honey and caramel with oriental spices and a touch of myrrh
  • CLASSIC COTTON – Crisp and clean bergamot, citrus, neroli, cyclamen and sandalwood
  • COASTAL BREEZE – Fresh ginger, clove and patchouli
  • FAERIE-WISHES & KISSES – Warm and aromatic saffron & myrrh
  • FRESH LAVENDER – A sensual bouquet of ylang ylang, wild lilies and English lavender
  • FRESHLY BAKED SHORTBREAD – An aroma of home baking – a low calorie daydream
  • HOT CINNAMON – Vibrant and spicy, warm and comforting woody notes with hints of clove & orange
  • WATERMELON – Ultimate summer thirst quenching refresher
  • CLEMENTINE, CRANBERRY & ORANGE (SLEIGH BELLS) – Warm and fruity clementine, cranberry and Orange
  • GOLD DUST (GOLD, FRANKINCENSE & MYRHH) – An aromatic and spicy fragrance of saffron & myrrh
  • HEATHER & WILD BERRIES (JINGLE BERRY) – Imaging rolling hills, moorland and juicy raspberries
  • TUSCAN VELVET (YULETIDE CHEER) – Melody of rose, lily, mandarin, lemon and vanilla