Seriously Scented Sparkling Glass Candles (30cl)




Our glass candle range offers a selection of our very best candle tin fragrances, complete with lovely sparkly toppings, in a glass candle holder, to reveal the vibrant colour and quality of our award winning products. 50 Hour burn time. Customers can request any fragrance from our candle tin range if purchased in minimum order of 6 candles.

  • ANGEL – Honey and caramel with oriental spices and a touch of myrrh
  • CLASSIC COTTON – Crisp and clean bergamot, citrus, neroli, cyclamen and sandalwood
  • COASTAL BREEZE – Fresh ginger, clove and patchouli
  • FAERIE-WISHES & KISSES – Warm and aromatic saffron & myrrh
  • FRESH LAVENDER – A sensual bouquet of ylang ylang, wild lilies and English lavender
  • FRESHLY BAKED SHORTBREAD – An aroma of home baking – a low calorie daydream
  • HOT CINNAMON – Vibrant and spicy, warm and comforting woody notes with hints of clove & orange
  • WATERMELON – Ultimate summer thirst quenching refresher
  • CLEMENTINE,CRANBERRY & ORANGE (SLEIGH BELLS) – Warm and fruity clementine, cranberry and Orange
  • GOLD DUST (GOLD, FRANKINCENSE & MYRHH) – An aromatic and spicy fragrance of saffron & myrrh
  • HEATHER & WILD BERRIES (JINGLE BERRY) – Imaging rolling hills, moorland and juicy raspberries
  • TUSCAN VELVET (YULETIDE CHEER) – Melody of rose, lily, mandarin, lemon and vanilla