The cold process for soap making is very interesting

At Best Kept Secrets we work hard to provide the highest quality handmade soaps. Every bar is made in our own soaperie in Northumberland, allowing us to control every aspect, including the wonderful scent. We take our time with the products to ensure they are the very best. The local natural ingredients are also carefully selected to make sure they are vegetarian friendly and suitable for most vegans too.

The cold process for making soap is really interesting and we thought we would share some information about it here.

For starters the method uses a chemical reaction called saponification. This occurs when natural fixed oils such as coconut or palm oil are mixed with an alkali. Simply leave the mixture to cure, in our case for thirty days, and you have a bar of soap ready to slice.

During the process we add a variety of other ingredients to the soap to give it its scent, colour and texture. Moisturising and enriching oils and butters can be added too, making the soap really good for the skin.

The great thing about the cold process for soap making is the bars tend to be long lasting and hold their shape well. This is especially true if the mixture of ingredients is correct and enough time has been left for curing.

Our range of handmade soaps is extensive and showcases how much effort we have put into exploring different scents. We have come up with some really pleasing combinations that bathers will love. Whether you want a soap that is invigorating, relaxing, or good for moisturising, we have the product for you. Every bar is “Seriously Scented” so you can expect the scent to remain consistent.

To find out more about our extensive range take a look at the soaps section in our shop. If you have any questions about how we make our handmade soap or the local natural ingredients we use, please feel free to get in touch. We are pleased to offer information and have a real passion for our products.